Scientists support Estonian digital centre

Researchers at the University are to support the development of a centre of excellence for the digital economy in Estonia.

 Researchers support launch of Estonia's Centre of Excellence in Digital Connected Economy
l-r: Professor Stuart Anderson, School of Informatics, Principal Prof Sir Tim O’Shea, His Excellency Mr Lauri Bambus, Estonian Ambassador to the UK

The ITEE Centre of Excellence in Digital Connected Economy will seek to develop expertise in information and computing technology.

Involving the University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology, it will draw on the School of Informatics’ record of innovation and economic impact and build on Estonia’s success in developing IT solutions for e-society and in novel start-ups.

The venture will also seek to support knowledge transfer between universities and the private sector and to accelerate research and development of new technologies.

Building on expertise

Those involved in the centre will aim to develop support systems to maintain excellence and sustainability and foster a culture of high quality research and innovation.

Estonia’s participation in the Centre will exploit its national ICT infrastructure and areas of expertise in research and development. The country has a strong culture of commercial start-ups and was an early adopter of widespread e-services.

Edinburgh will aim to bring the benefit of its start-up culture and experience of the digital sector in industry and policy.

The partnership is supported by the EU Horizon 2020 fund.

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