National Library signing marks new chapter

The University and the National Library of Scotland have signed an agreement to encourage greater partnership between the two organisations.

The Memorandum of Understanding outlines a collaborative framework for the next three years on areas such as research and teaching, public engagement and Special Collections.

The agreement was signed in the National Library boardroom on 1 November.

“This is an exciting progression of our partnership with the National Library of Scotland. The University of Edinburgh is proud of its collaborative work so far and we are looking forward to this developing and expanding to the benefit of both researchers and the public.”

Professor Sir Timothy O'SheaPrincipal of the University of Edinburgh

Current collaborations

The University and the National Library have already collaborated on projects.

These include cataloguing, conserving and digitising the personal library and papers of William Dodds Fairbairn, pioneering psychoanalyst in childhood and development.

Both organisations will continue to jointly participate in the European collaborative data infrastructure, EUDAT.

The Memorandum of Understanding is a vital part of our future relationship with the University of Edinburgh. By formalising our collaborative relationship, we will be drawing upon the superb resources and skills contained in both of our organisations. We will seek to produce joint work that will be of benefit not only to ourselves and the research community, but most importantly the wider communities across Scotland.

Dr John Scally. National Librarian

Supporting students

The National Library and the University will also work together to support student projects and research.

The agreement will last for three years, at which time it will be reviewed in 2019 for potential renewal for another period of three years.

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