Lectures address global changes

The University is to host a series of public lectures that examine global challenges facing society.

The talks – part of the Our Changing World series – will explore the role that research can play in addressing them.

Topics discussed include genetically engineered livestock, improved food production and climate change in the Arctic.

The potential opportunities open to black and minority ethnic youths in the political realm will also be addressed as part of the series.

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The nine lectures, each delivered by distinguished speaker, are taking place every Tuesday evening at 6.30pm – from 27 September to 22 November – in George Square Lecture Theatre.

Visit the Our Changing World website for the lecture programme and to book tickets free of charge.

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Enlightenment Lecture

The series will close with the annual Enlightenment Lecture delivered by science journalist and broadcaster Quentin Cooper.

Mr Cooper will argue that people’s perception of scientists has remained remarkably fixed over the past century, and that this view does not reflect the reality.  

He will explore why this disparity has come about and how it is perpetuated. Mr Cooper will also look at some simple solutions to help today’s scientists tranform this image.

Wellbeing focus

A number of lectures focus on society’s happiness and wellbeing.

Topics include the effect increased salt intake has had on our bodies and the importance of choosing the right routes for travel.

One lecture will address the challenges faced by governments and international agencies when planning for sustainable happiness.

Critical thinking

The annual Our Changing World Lectures are organised by Biomedical Sciences in the University’s Medical School and the Department for Sustainability and Social Responsibility.

A credit-bearing interdisciplinary course, based on the lectures, is offered to all students at the University. Students have a chance to explore these where global challenges further in facilitated group discussions and project work.

Lecture videos are available on youtube and iTunesU. They are a valuable resource for taught courses and MOOCs at the University and elsewhere.

This optional course encourages our students to think critically about global challenges across traditional subject boundaries. It also helps them to understand their own subject discipline in an interdisciplinary context


These events will be photographed and recorded for promotional and recruitment materials for the University and University approved third parties.

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