Japan science link-ups receive £10,000 prizes

Two Edinburgh scientists have been awarded £10,000 prizes for their collaborations with researchers in Japan.

Professor J. Paul Attfield, of the Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions, and Professor Bill Earnshaw, of the School of Biological Sciences, have each been jointly awarded a Daiwa Adrian Prize.

The prestigious awards are made in recognition of significant scientific collaboration between Japanese and British research teams.

Research awards

Professor Attfield’s research group share a prize with Professor Yuichi Shimakawa at Kyoto University for their work on materials discovery at extreme conditions.

The award to Professor Bill Earnshaw and his team recognises work that uses synthetic human chromosomes to help explain how a key stage of the DNA replication process is regulated.

The prize was shared with Professor Hiroshi Masumoto at the Kazusa DNA Research Institute.

Prestigious prizes

The Prizes are awarded by the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation every three years in recognition of scientific collaboration between research teams in Britain and Japan.

They were established in 1992 and later renamed to commemorate the late Lord Adrian, a founding Trustee of the Foundation, who initiated the Prizes.

Since their launch, 42 Daiwa Adrian Prizes totalling £485,000 have been awarded to 84 teams from 77 institutions.

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