Innovative Learning Week 2016

A lively programme of more than 240 events will replace the University’s regular timetables from 15-19 February.

Photo of two students working on a mechanical model

Innovative Learning Week (ILW) offers opportunities for participants to develop new skills, meet new people and experiment with new ways of learning and teaching.

Packed programme

Staff and students have been collaborating throughout the year to produce a range of creative and engaging events across the campus. Many are open to the wider public.

ILW 2016

For the full programme and booking information, visit the ILW website:

Innovative Learning Week

Ideas in Play

A workshop on kaleidoscopes will mark 200 years since the invention of the device by former University Principal, Sir David Brewster. As well as creating one themselves, participants will learn about the history of the kaleidoscope and its enduring appeal.

Issues around documentary-making for the stage and screen will be discussed at an event in George Square Lecture Theatre with BBC Panorama producer Murdoch Rodgers and playwright Robin Soans.

Elsewhere, people are invited to learn about biological research through a striking artistic technique. Florescent and light-sensitive bacteria will be painted using pipettes to create vibrant works of art.

Further events include a DIY film school, a beginners’ guide to coding and an introduction to glass molding at Edinburgh College of Art.

Student-led events

Students have played a key role in the creation and organisation of events in year’s programme.

Edinburgh University Design Society is running a city-wide scavenger hunt to highlight the challenges faced by displaced people. The two-day workshop will be followed by an exhibition in the ECA Sculpture Court on 16 February, called 'Design without Borders'.

SHRUB, the first student-led cooperative in the UK is running open workshops on upcycling - transforming pallets into furniture and turning bike inner tubes into wallets.

The week will run in partnership with the Edinburgh Student Arts Festival, which offers aspiring artists an opportunity to showcase their work.

The festival is the first student-run arts event in Scotland to bring together five higher education and further education institutions across the city.

This is a huge opportunity for staff and students from across the University to collaborate in ways that they otherwise might not. It gives us a chance to engage with the wider community, develop new ways of thinking and celebrate the creative learning and teaching that takes place at the University year-round.”

Johanna HoltonLead Curator of ILW

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