Student counselling funding boost

The University is to invest an extra £140,000 in its Student Counselling Service over the next two years.

The move is the latest in a series of initiatives that has seen the University more than double its investment in services since 2010.

The new funds will be used to pay for additional counsellors to increase the capacity of the service to meet growing demand.

Support for students

Investment is being been made as the number of students seeking support from counselling services across the UK has increased significantly.

The University has sought to raise awareness of all its student support services and improve access to them.

In addition to individual counselling sessions, students can access a range of effective support services throughout the academic year.

These include initiatives to promote health and wellbeing, among them online support networks, courses teaching life skills and sessions on mindfulness.

Ongoing investment

It has never been easier for students to refer themselves for counselling at Edinburgh. Some 98 per cent of students now do so online, and counselling appointments are available at five locations across the University.

Late last year, new space for counselling was opened at Moray House. An additional £201,000 has been allocated to provide further, high quality space for counselling at the Holyrood campus. It is due to open this summer. 

So far this academic year, 90 per cent of students accessing the service have been offered an initial appointment within two weeks of making contact.

Those using the service can help the University to reduce waiting times further by turning up for scheduled appointments or rearranging in good time. Around 600 appointments have been lost though last-minute cancellations this academic year alone.

Resources for the Student Counselling Service have increased every year for the past five years, and our investment has more than doubled in that period, with extra funding put in place already this year that allows us to employ additional counsellors.The University has also invested in making more space available for counselling – both last year and again this year – developing our premises at the Holyrood campus. Now, with this latest investment, there is the prospect of more counsellors joining the staff next year.

Ronnie MillarDirector of the Student Counselling Service


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