Erasmus+ awards open doors overseas

Record numbers of Edinburgh students and staff will benefit from a new international funding scheme in 2016/17.

The University will provide 99 funded opportunities for students and staff to undertake an international exchange at overseas partner institutions.

Funded opportunities at Edinburgh will be available for 139 staff and students from international partners.

The increase comes after the University was awarded over 20 per cent of the entire UK fund for this year’s Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility initiative.

The newly created European Union programme provides funding to support exchanges for students and staff to and from non-EU partner institutions around the world.

Financial support

Funding will be available for students to study at non-EU institutions and for academic and administrative staff to engage in teaching and knowledge exchanges.

Incoming overseas students will receive a monthly grant of €850 and outgoing Edinburgh students will be awarded €650. Staff will also receive financial support.

All participants are eligible for travel grants ranging from €360 to €1100.


Applicants can study abroad for three to ten months depending on the partner institution. 

Opportunities are available in most subject areas and many of our partner institutions teach in English.

International Credit Mobility

Edinburgh will recognise credits gained by students abroad as part of their degree when they return.

Students interested in international credit mobility should follow the normal exchange application process which will start this autumn.

A call for staff applications will be announced soon.

Students interested in applying can find out more on student exchanges here.

Partner institutions

Partners include 21 leading institutions from 14 non-EU countries in four continents:

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, India, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Uganda and the United States.


Established in 2014, the 14.7 billion euro Erasmus+ programme provides work and study options for students and staff in non-EU countries.

The programme in the UK is managed by the British Council, which has allocated £4.3 million to 44 projects in 2016/17.


We are thrilled to be collaborating with University of Edinburgh on the International Credit Mobility grant funded through Erasmus. This generous grant will allow some of our very best students the chance to study at Edinburgh, a life-changing opportunity which they would otherwise not have.

Emily MaxonExecutive Director of the Office of International Programs Universidad de San Andres, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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