Record year for commercial impact

Edinburgh’s arm for commercialising research is celebrating another successful year.

In supporting industrial innovation, Edinburgh Research and Innovation (ERI) has an estimated 2,500 industry partnerships worldwide.

It is also helping to drive the latest cutting-edge thinking to the boardrooms of companies today.

The success is highlighted in a Business Insights supplement produced by The Times which can be accessed through a link below.

Entrepreneurial talent

The University is amongst the most entrepreneurial in the UK university sector.

It had a record breaking year in 2015 with the total number of spin-outs and start-ups reaching 417.

ERI is central to ensuring that the University’s world leading expertise, state of the art facilities and research outputs create lasting impact for both industry and the economy.

At the heart of the University’s substantial contribution are the vibrant innovation and industry engagement activities driven by ERI, such as world class initiatives like AIMDay.

The one-day event brings industry challenges from company boardrooms to the doors of the University’s academics, broadening research impact and the extent of knowledge exchange across many sectors.

Growth and innovation

ERI is also at the forefront of exciting initiatives which enable new opportunities between industry and academia.

Growth and innovation are critical factors to ensuring a thriving economy. Edinburgh makes a significant contribution to these key economic drivers which are also core to the University’s values.

The University’s influence is reflected in the fact that the city is emerging as the largest technology hub outside London.

Further embedding industry engagement across the university and demonstrating the value that knowledge exchange can bring to companies is a task that we have brought to the forefront here at Edinburgh Research & Innovation. Long-term partnerships where fresh thinking and new perspectives are developed, tested and implemented around the world are how that impact is delivered – not only to companies and organisations but society as a whole.

Dr Pete Hotteninterim Chief Executive Officer, Edinburgh Research and Innovation