British Art Show at Talbot Rice

The University’s Talbot Rice Gallery is one of the venues for the prestigious British Art Show 8, hosting seven works in a wide-ranging exhibition that encompasses sculpture, video-installation, photography, and sound design.

Taking place every five years, British Art Show is a national touring exhibition that introduces a broad public to a new generation of artists and provides a vital overview of some of the most exciting contemporary art produced in the UK.

British Art Show 8

Entry is free. The Gallery is open Monday to Saturday.

Saturday 13 February 2016, 10.00am

Sunday 8 May 2016, 4.00pm

Talbot Rice Gallery, Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH8 9YL

Hidden conveyor belts and '62 hits

A vast, hidden conveyor belt occupies most of the gallery’s White Space, as part of artist Ryan Gander’s work. Objects gathered through his habit of compulsive collecting are scroll past the audience via a small observation window.

Benedict Drew’s work fills the neoclassical Georgian gallery with deliberately discordant sound and images, filmmaker Melanie Gilligan has created a multi-episode dystopian drama, and design collective Åbäke have constructed an unnerving sculpture made from doll parts.

Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s work makes us question whether banal domestic objects could be used as spying devices, Eileen Simpson and Ben White have spliced together clips of chart hits from 1962 - the last year that commercial recordings are free from copyright, and Hayley Tompkins’s work features objects regularly in contact with the hand.

Across Edinburgh

Organised by Hayward Touring at Southbank Centre, London, the British Art Show will be presented across Edinburgh at Talbot Rice Gallery, Inverleith House and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art with support from Creative Scotland.

After opening in Leeds last year, British Art Show 8 will tour to multiple venues across Edinburgh, Norwich and Southampton over the course of 15 months.

Curated by Anna Colin and Lydia Yee, British Art Show 8 features the work of 42 artists who have made a significant contribution to art in this country over the past five years.