Summer School launches new courses

The University has launched a range of new summer school courses for 2015.

Photo of international summer school students in Edinburgh city centre

The courses - established by the University’s College of Humanities and Social Science - will run from June until August and are available for all students at home and abroad.

The Summer School offers world-class teaching, combined with access to exciting cultural experiences in Scotland’s vibrant capital.

Courses include business studies, drama theory, linguistics, psychology, history and illustration.


For details on all courses, eligibility and to book a place online, visit the Summer School website.

Summer School Programme

Cultural capital

Many of the courses give students exclusive access to some of Edinburgh’s world-renowned arts festivals.

Students taking part in the Film Studies course will work closely with the Edinburgh International Film Festival as they study film criticism and theory.

They will also have the opportunity to attend premieres, press screenings and industry events, including the Festival’s Opening Night Gala.

Participants in the Theory and Practice of Drama Translation course will attend productions at the Edinburgh International Festival and Festival Fringe to gain a unique insight into drama translation.

The Business in the Arts course is designed to equip participants with skills and knowledge relevant to arts and entertainment.

It covers marketing, finance, operations management, entrepreneurship and issues related to human resources. Students will also have the opportunity to hear lectures from key figures in the arts sector.

City of literature

The Edinburgh: City of Literature course will take advantage of the capital’s UNESCO City of Literature status, examining some of Scotland's most celebrated literary talents, including Robert Burns, Robert Louis Stevenson, Muriel Spark, Ian Rankin and Irvine Welsh.

Their relationship with Edinburgh will be explored through the collections of the National Library, the Museum of Scotland and the Edinburgh Writers' Museum.

The Scottish Enlightenment course will develop knowledge and understanding of the period in the 18th century when Edinburgh was flourishing with new intellectual ideas. It will explore its key themes and ideas associated with the period, and encourage awareness of its lasting legacy.

Summer courses abroad

While most courses are based in Edinburgh, there are also Summer School Abroad courses that give students the opportunity to travel to India, Chile and Africa.

The Summer School Abroad programme is available to students studying at the University of Edinburgh, through its relationship with partnered universities in each country.

The subjects offered aim to introduce students to the language, culture and heritage of their host countries.

Wide-ranging courses

Further courses available include An Introduction to South Asia, Book History for Beginners, Macro and Micro Economics and The Psychology of Finance.