Stroke experts give global perspective

Specialists from Edinburgh are giving a public talk at an event to mark World Stroke Day.

They will outline how simple medications, such as aspirin, are helping to prevent and treat stroke around the world.

The talk will be followed by a live video link to Nigeria - where researchers will tell the audience how new strategies there are helping patients.

Researchers in Edinburgh hope that lessons learned from Nigeria could one day be integrated into treatments elsewhere.

Public talk

Taking part in the event on 29 October will be Dr Will Whiteley and Professor Rustam Al Shahi Salman from the University's Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences.

They will be joined via satellite by Dr Rufus Olusola Akinyemi, senior research fellow at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Dr Whitely will talk about how simple treatments can make a global impact and Professor Al Shahi Salman will focus on the causes of stroke.

Dr Olusola Akinyemi's talk will centre on Nigeria, where someone new develops the condition every minute.

Audience members will have a chance to ask questions after the presentations.

The event is free to attend but booking is essential.

Serious medical condition

A stroke is a serious, life-threatening medical condition that occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off.

Like all organs, the brain needs the oxygen and nutrients provided by blood to function properly.

If the supply of blood is restricted or stopped, brain cells begin to die. This can lead to brain injury, disability and possibly death.

Stroke is a particularly large problem in African nations. Excluding infectious disease, they represent the biggest killer on the continent.