Rubik’s world record broken

A record for solving the Rubik's cube puzzle has been broken at an event at the University.

The world’s best time for solving a 4x4 version of the cube while wearing a blindfold was shortened to 2 minutes, 10.47 seconds by champion Oliver Frost.

Frost beat his own previous record of 2 minutes18.65 seconds to retain the title for the fourth time in a row.

Top competitors

The win was one of several contested at an event held by the University’s School of Mathematics, which was organised by postgraduate student and European Rubik’s cube champion Simon Crawford.

It took place following a Rubik’s solving session held during the University’s Innovative Learning Week, when regular classes are replaced by other activities.

Dozens of participants 14 countries competed in the World Cube Association event in the University’s George Square.

Those taking part included Brendan Vallance, former world champion, Daniel Sheppard, a former Rubik's clock world champion, and Cornelius Dieckmann, who has held multiple European records.