Candidates for Edinburgh Rector

Two candidates will go head to head in an election to select the next University Rector.

They are TV producer Steve Morrison - a co-founder of All3Media - and the current Rector, Peter McColl, who has been nominated to stand again.

Online voting

Staff and students will be able to vote online through the University web portal, MyEd, from 9am Tuesday, 10 February until 7pm on Wednesday, 11 February 2015.

Influential role

The Rector presides at meetings of the University Court, the governing body of the University of Edinburgh. Uniquely elected by students and staff, the Rector ensures that the interests of the whole University community are considered in the Court’s decision making processes. Elections for the role take place every three years.

Rector history

The position of Rector has a long and prestigious history. Previous Rectors include former Prime Ministers Gordon Brown, Winston Churchill, David Lloyd George and Earl Kitchener.

Others to hold the post include the scientist Sir Alexander Fleming, the actor James Robertson Justice, the musician Donnie Munro and the footballer John Colquhoun.

Congratulations to our candidates, who can now begin campaigning for what promises to be a lively election. We’re looking forward to a good turnout to make this important decision for the University.

Mrs Tracey SlavenDeputy Returning Officer, University of Edinburgh