Global success for Informatics pair

Two Informatics students have won a $10,000 prize at a global computer coding competition in Mumbai.

Lithuanian students Marijonas Petrauskas and Karolis Greblikas were awarded joint first prize at Codevita, one of the largest coding competitions in the world.

Marijonas, a fourth year computer science and electronics student and Karolis, a second year computer science student, also secured a paid internship with competition sponsors Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

Codevita Final

Fifteen teams took part in the hard-fought final which lasted over six hours.

Competitors were judged on their ability to solve coding problems and algorithms in a gaming environment. It tested their technical knowledge, ability to execute and implement computer code and their speed, agility and creativity.

The final also included Edinburgh Informatics students Lukas Capkovic and Marko Puza and teams from India, Peru, USA and Canada.

The coding challenge is one of the largest student competitions of its kind. Almost 50,000 teams from around the world took part. The Edinburgh pair were one of 14 teams who fought for the prize in Mumbai.

Tata Consultancy Services is one of the world’s leading IT service groups and has more than 300,000 trained consultants in 46 countries.

It was an honour to represent the University of Edinburgh in the competition. Both of us have been participating in coding competitions for a number of years. The university has greatly contributed to our success at TCS CodeVita and we are very thankful for the support.

Marijonas PetrauskasCompetition winner


All computer browsers, social media platforms and phone apps are created using code. Coding involves writing instructions that a computer can understand and tell a system what to do.

IT Futures Event

Tata Consultancy Services will hold an event at the Informatics Forum on Tuesday 17 March. ‘The Responsive Enterprise’ will focus on the business response to the next wave of ‘digital disruptors’. It will set out the principals of a digital revolution for companies that want to better customer experiences and explore how big business responds to digital forces. Tuesday 17 March, 5 - 7.30 pm, Informatics Forum