New podcast looks at Islamic State

In the wake of Islamic State's attacks on Beirut and Paris, experts examine the terrorist group's endgame and motivations in the latest Big Idea Podcast.

With the UK potentially joining air strikes against IS targets in Syria, three academics discuss the effect this could have on the region and the implications for the ongoing war between President Bashar al-Assad and rebel forces.

What do Islamic State want?

Dr Thomas Pierret, lecturer in contemporary Islam and an expert on the Syrian conflict, looks at the political and territorial goals of IS.

He talks about how the terrorist group plans to make Muslims in Western countries feel alienated in their own lands and ultimately join IS's cause.

What next for France and Islam?

Dr Emile Chabal from the School of History and an expert on modern France, looks at the impact of the Paris attacks on French politics and values.

Dr Joshua Ralston, lecturer in Christian-Muslim relations from the School of Divinity, explains the role that religion plays in IS's worldview and how the organisation's emotive propaganda is used to recruit combatants.

The Big Idea

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