Special podcast unpacks General Election

With the upcoming General Election set to be the most unpredictable in years, University political experts have recorded a special podcast discussing the policies and the politics.

Who will be the winners and losers?

The podcast unpicks why the Scottish National Party have surged in the polls, why Scottish Labour is losing support, and what effect the United Kingdom Independence Party has had on the election.

The experts also explain the mechanics of what happens in the event of a hung parliament, who can legitimately form a government, and which constituencies should be decisive on voting day.

Political experts

The podcast features:

  • Dr Alan Convery, lecturer in politics and leader of the University’s free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) which is studying the general election
  • Dr Jan Eichhorn, Chancellor’s Fellow in social policy
  • Professor Christina Boswell, director of the Centre for Science, Knowledge & Policy and lecturer in politics

The Big Idea

This podcast is part of the Big Idea series, a monthly show featuring academics discussing contemporary issues and sharing their research and expertise.

As well as being an accessible way for the public to hear about the University’s work, the Big Idea is also a forum for academics to meet colleagues from different areas, share ideas, and gain media training in a studio setting.

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