Art event highlights wonders of anatomy

Doctors and artists joined forces to host an evening of art and anatomy illustrating the wonders of the human body.

Hands-on workshops gave people the chance to body paint the muscles, tendons and blood vessels of the neck on each other.


Participants also moulded clay models of the heart that are anatomically correct and life-sized.

They were guided by artists, surgeons and anatomy experts.

We are very excited to offer members of the public an opportunity to explore how their bodies are made up through these fun and informative workshops.

Meg AndersonJunior Surgical Trainee, NHS Lothian

Medical teaching

The event was held at the University of Edinburgh’s Anatomical Museum where participants were surrounded by material that has been used to teach medical students for centuries.

Body artist

The evening opened with a talk and live demonstration from world-renowned American body artist Danny Quirk.

His unique body painting technique uses liquid latex and marker pens to create captivating pieces of anatomical artwork.

He presented a new piece of work at the event, inspired by the rich history of anatomy teaching in the former home of the University’s Medical School.

Hand surgeon

Renowned hand surgeon Mr Wee Lam and Edinburgh artist George Donald also presented a session on the anatomy of the hand.

Visualising anatomy through art is a valuable and engaging teaching aid that appeals to a variety people.

Nichola RobertsonAnatomy and Surgical Teaching Fellow, University of Edinburgh


Art has a long history in the teaching of anatomy and the documentation of surgery. Long before photography and moving images were available, detailed drawings and paintings were a fundamental part of a medical student’s training.

Art and Anatomy

The event was organised by Art and Anatomy Edinburgh.

Art and Anatomy Edinburgh was founded in November 2014 by Nichola Robertson, anatomy and surgical teaching fellow, and Meg Anderson, junior surgical trainee.

The duo joined forces with artist Kimmie Simpson to find innovative ways of teaching anatomy to medical students using different art media.