Friendships renewed at Alumni Weekend

Graduates will be returning to the University next month for an inspiring weekend of talks, lectures, exhibitions and tours.


Alumni will be able to take advantage of exclusive access, behind the scenes tours and unique events.

Attractions include a demonstration of the FloWave facility at Kings’ Buildings in action and a fantastical tour of the old Medical School and Anatomical Museum.

There will also be a visit to the Rushbrook Fire Laboratory and an event celebrating 50 years of the Higgs boson.

Jon Snow

The weekend features a public lecture from honorary graduate and Channel 4 news anchor Jon Snow.

He will explore the future of journalism in a shifting media landscape.

What I’m looking forward to at the reunion is the chance to catch up with my class mates and also to visit Kings Buildings and see some of the fantastic work that goes on there.

Diana McCobbMathematics, 1990

Packed programme

The weekend is not just a chance to discover more about the University, it is about getting together with friends.

It includes a night of nostalgia in Teviot Row House, the big Alumni Weekend ceilidh and a tea party in Old College quad.

More information and booking details can be found on the website.


As well as individuals, couples and families, four reunion groups have already decided to take advantage of the weekend’s festivities.

General Council

The weekend also includes events hosted by the General Council. Among these are a lunch and lecture by Dr Hermione Cockburn, Scientific Director of Our Dynamic Earth.

An audience with Principal & Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Timothy O’Shea will highlight some of the latest developments on campus and discuss Edinburgh’s impact on the wider world.

This is the perfect excuse to re-visit a beautiful city and meet people, most of whom have been out of sight for the past thirty years. I suspect many of us will want to visit Kings Buildings, the Appleton Tower and no doubt our local pubs, though not necessarily in that order!

Duncan BaillieComputer Science and Electronics, 1985