Students in business of learning

Students from Edinburgh are embarking on a programme that seeks to nurture Scotland’s business leaders of the future.

A total of 17 students are taking part in the entrepreneurial scholars programme organised by the Saltire Foundation - a charity whose mission is to find, fuel and spark the next generation of influential business leaders.

The Saltire Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Entrepreneurial Scotland - a private company incorporated in 2014 to inspire, develop and connect current and future business leaders.

The foundation’s aim is to inspire and develop Scotland’s people to build the most entrepreneurial society in the world.

Cross-College participation

Three students from Edinburgh’s School of Law will take part in the scholars programme. They are Abigail Locke, Catriona McNeish and Daisy Anderson.

Also taking part from the University’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences are Alexander Rennie (Spanish & History), Debbie McGovern (Economics), Elizabeth Harris (International Relations), and Frederick Alexander (English Literature).

They are joined by Katy Brown (Geography), Lindsey Macdonald (International Relations), Sian Summerton (French, Spanish and European Union Studies) and Thomas McEwan (Politics).

Participating students from the College of Science and Engineering are Anton Puzorjov (Biotechnology with Management), Gina Smith (Chemistry), Maximilian Wasylow (Artificial Intelligence), Michael Inglis (Software Engineering) and Olivia Sweeney (Chemical Engineering).

Sara Wagner Valladolid (Neuroscience) joins from the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

Top firms

The prestigious course opens the door of the world's leading companies.

It provides some of Scotland's most talented students with an unparalleled opportunity to engage with global thought leaders and entrepreneurs.

The Edinburgh students have begun internships with organisations working in a range of sectors that include law, business, computing, energy and engineering.

Nine of the students will be based in the UK, four in Africa, two in China and two in the US.

Altogether 137 students, representing 13 universities across Scotland, will gain valuable work experience with 51 host companies.

This year sees a record intake of scholars of outstanding calibre, drive and ambition – people who are committed to inspiring, developing and connecting with each other, to ignite economic growth.

Sandy KennedyChief Executive, Entrepreneurial Scotland