Professor in BBC’s 100 Women

A senior scientist at the University is featured in the BBC 100 women series.

Prof Lesley Yellowlees, Vice Principal and Head of the College of Science and Engineering, is named on the list of influential women from around the world.

The Professor’s name features among women from a range of backgrounds, including campaigners, health workers, journalists, entrepreneurs, and women affected by conflict.

The group have been invited to share their thoughts and experiences in a series of reports designed to highlight women’s issues and inspire.

Supporting scientists

To have so many graduates leave these disciplines is a waste. There is no such thing as a girl job or a boy job - there is just a job.
Professor Lesley YellowleesHead of the College of Science and Engineering

Professor Yellowlees, who is the first woman president of the Royal Society of Chemistry, supports women in science and is a vocal campaigner on the issue.

She addressed a 100 Women conference, explaining that women are under-represented in science.

Many women study degrees in science-related subjects and go on to leave the profession, Professor Yellowlees said.

She also talked about how it is important for to have mentors and role models.

Prof Yellowlees’ comments were well received, and were reiterated on Twitter by many others including popular magazines Cosmopolitan and Red.

My own experiences have been hugely positive. I have enjoyed the rigour of research and the exhilaration of academic study - it is possible to have a career in science and have a family.
Professor Lesley YellowleesHead of the College of Science and Engineering