Partnership helps students with bursaries

A new agreement between the University of Edinburgh and Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) will make life easier for students seeking an accommodation bursary.

The move means that on receipt of consent from students SAAS will share necessary information with the University to ensure that eligible students will automatically receive additional accommodation bursary support without having to make a separate application.

The agreement, which is the first of its kind, shows both institution's commitment to work together to benefit students and ensure they receive their full entitlement to financial support.

We want life to be as simple as possible for students, who have plenty to think about their academic journey without the frustration of needless form-filling. SAAS and the University should be congratulated for their efforts in reducing the bureaucratic burden on all parties.

Michael Russell MSPCabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning

A simplified process

By sharing the data students will not have to supply the same information twice to two separate organisations.

Eligible students in receipt of a Young Students' Bursary or an Independent Students' Bursary from the SAAS will automatically receive additional bursary support from the University.

The University's Scotland Accommodation Bursary is part of its commitment to widening access. It provides bursaries of between £500 and £2,000 to assist eligible Scotland domiciled undergraduate students with accommodation costs during their undergraduate study.

The University has a long tradition of providing bursaries to our students and this year over 2,100 undergraduates have received a University bursary totalling over £6M. We are delighted that our new partnership working with SAAS has enabled Scotland domiciled students to receive an automatic bursary without having to make an additional application for funding.

Robert LawrieDirector of Scholarships and Student Administration, the University of Edinburgh

People want their personal data to work for them. They expect organisations to share their personal data where it’s necessary to provide them with the services they want. The signing of this Agreement, the first we’ve entered into with a higher educational institution, means that our customers will benefit from a better, more efficient service and they can be confident that their personal data is being handled responsibly and securely.

David WallaceSAAS Chief Executive

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