Students show global ambition

Fourteen undergraduate students from Edinburgh have won coveted internships at some of the world’s leading companies.

They are taking part in the Global Internship Programme, which is run annually by the Saltire Foundation.

Developing entrepreneurship

The Foundation is an independent charitable organisation with a mission to develop entrepreneurship and Scottish economic growth.

This year the charity accepted a record-breaking number of undergraduate students into its internship programme. More than 1000 students were considered.

For eight to ten weeks between June and September, 132 students will be carrying out internships.

The Foundation is supporting the students, helping to organise placements and covering most of the students’ travel and accommodation

Global placements

Internships are taking place across five continents, within 44 host companies, which include Amazon, IBM and GlaxoSmithKline.

The internship opens doors to some of the world’s leading companies and provides students with an unparalleled chance to engage with global business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Successful students

Nine students have been accepted from Edinburgh’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences. They are Alice Rawsthorne, Becky Harvie, Elena Bikou, Ellen Houston, Ilaria Moretti, Madeline Brooker-Price, Megan Beattie, Otto Williams and Tanya Brennan.

Four students are taking part from the College of Science and Engineering - Alistair Gordon, Charlie Robertson, Conor Quinn and Robin Nelson.

Medical sciences student Andrew Boyd has also been accepted.

Our mission is to find, fuel and spark the next generation of business leaders in Scotland. The Undergraduate Programme offers some of Scotland's most talented students a unique opportunity to work with senior level, influential people in the world's leading companies. It accelerates their confidence, skills and ambition. For many it is a defining moment in their lives.

Sandy KennedyChief Executive, The Saltire Foundation