Generous new MBA scholarships

Tomorrow's business leaders can seize a unique opportunity to enjoy generous financial support as they undertake Edinburgh's revamped MBA.

Photo of students at the Business School

Five Leadership Scholarships, each worth £10,000, are being offered to prospective students, to mark the relaunch of the Business School's highly rated masters programme.

These will be awarded to applicants who can demonstrate substantial leadership achievements in their career or personal life, or demonstrate significant leadership potential.

MBA scholarships

Find out more about our full range of MBA scholarships for candidates with strong qualifications, work experience and leadership skills.

MBA scholarships

The Edinburgh MBA

The Edinburgh MBA has been developing business managers and leaders for more than 30 years.

The programme is ranked among the world’s Top 100 MBAs by The Economist. In December 2013, it was listed the eighth most preferred MBA in the UK for recruitment by international employers in the QS TopMBA rankings.

It is one of the top 1% of business schools in the world to hold triple accreditation.

Developing world-class business leaders

As the demands placed on business leaders change, Edinburgh adapted how it educates and prepares its MBA students.

Successful businesses in the future will be those that operate in an environment of intense competition, rapid technological development, unpredictable economic turbulence and increasing resource insecurity.

Business needs leaders who can think and act strategically, managing multiple risks and challenges, while spotting and siezing opportunities for innovation.

It also needs leaders who will act responsibly in delivering value beyond the shareholder to all of the communities that business serves.

Edinburgh's major investment in Strategic Leadership is creating an agenda that resonates strongly with world-class companies. What businesses want is a new breed of executive armed with the entrepreneurial skill to recognise opportunities, a strategic competence to build advantage, and a hands-on leadership approach to deal with intractable, complex, and increasingly 'wicked' issues.

Professor Ian ClarkeDean of the University of Edinburgh Business School

Unrivalled teaching and training

Our visionary MBA will be distinguished by the way it develops knowledge, understanding, skills and values to better prepare participants for strategic leadership.

In addition to developing confident, analytical decision makers, the programme will instill a passion for innovation and entrepreneurial action.

MBA students will leave Edinburgh with a global perspective and an awareness of the implications of changes in the financial, social and natural environment.

They will understand the need for a sustainable and responsible approach to the stewardship of resources.

MBA graduates will possess accomplished interpersonal skills to bring about change in organisations.

We will work closely with participants to diagnose, evaluate and directly improve their capacity and capability for leadership.