Podcast asks, are the kids alright?

This month’s Big Idea Podcast considers how society treats its young people and asks one of the evergreen questions: are the kids alright?

Stop and search

In January a University of Edinburgh report on police stop and search figures found that people in Scotland were four times more likely to be stopped by police than people south of the border.

One of its key findings was that young people aged between 15 and 20 years were nearly three times more likely to be searched than those in their early 20s.

The report author, Kath Murray, discusses the tactic’s impact upon Scotland's young people.

Moral panics

Viviene Cree, professor of social work, explores how moral panics regularly feature young people, either being cast as innocents to be protected or a demographic to be feared.

Following a successful seminar series on moral panics, Professor Cree asks whether there is ever such a thing as a useful moral panic.

Facebook at 10

Ten years ago, in February 2004, Mark Zuckerberg started an internet revolution from his Harvard dorm room when he created Facebook.

Growing from a social media platform designed for students, it now boasts over a billion users of all ages.

Ben Marder, early career fellow in marketing, from the Business School, looks at how Facebook has impacted on young people’s lives and examines why many appear to be leaving in droves.

The Big Idea

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