Live press conference on vote result

Experts who can offer wide-ranging analysis of the Referendum outcome will hold a press conference at the University of Edinburgh at 3pm on Friday (19 September).

Taking part will be academics from the University of Edinburgh and two research projects, the Scottish Centre on Constitutional Change and the Future of the UK and Scotland Programme.

The one-hour question and answer session is for the media only and will aim to put the vote in its wider political, economic and cultural context.


Historic location

The event will take place at the University’s Moray House School of Education - a historic location that has links to the signing of the 1707 Act of Union between Scotland and England.

The venue is next to the remains of a summer house which in 1707 was located in the garden of Moray House - home of the Lord High Chancellor, Lord Seafield.

It is thought that he hosted key discussions there that formed the basis of the Act of Union.

Expert panel

Experts attending the event include: Charlie Jeffery, Professor of Politics at the University of Edinburgh; Ailsa Henderson, Professor of Political Science at the University of Edinburgh; Michael Keating, Chair in Scottish Politics at the University of Aberdeen; David Bell, Professor of Economics at the University of Stirling; and Nicola McEwen, Professor of Politics at the University of Edinburgh.