Boost for biochar research

Research into biochar and biomass conversion at the University is to benefit from a funding boost.

Scottish Energy, Enterprise and Tourism Minister Fergus Ewing has announced a further £500,000 for the Scottish Biofuel programme.

Researchers at the University will use their share of the additional funding to further develop their work on biochar.

Soil enhancer

This carbon-rich material is produced by slow heating of organic materials, such as agricultural residues, in an oxygen-free environment.

Biochar can be added to soil to increase its carbon content and fertility.

This enables carbon to be stored for the long term, while delivering benefits to crop production and the environment.

Product development

The Scottish Government is committed in supporting the sustainable biofuels sector.

Fergus EwingEnergy, Enterprise and Tourism Minister

The University, together with partners from Scottish industry and academia, will further develop their expertise in biochar and biomass pyrolysis.

They will seek to create new processes and products that will make production of biofuels and other bio-products more sustainable and economically viable.

The Scottish BioFuel initiative was launched in 2012 to help small businesses save money and improve their environmental impact.

Waste to fuel

The £1.6m programme is led by Edinburgh Napier University in partnership with several institutes across Scotland, including the University of Edinburgh, Scottish Association for Marine Science, SRUC and the University of Abertay Dundee.

The development aims to help Scotland’s food and drink, energy and chemicals businesses convert their waste into fuel.

Funding is being made available from the Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland.

This award will enable us to further develop low-carbon fuel sources and bio-products, as an important step towards a circular economy.

Ondrej MasekSchool of GeoSciences