Russian nationalism focus of new podcast

The rise and rise of Russian nationalism is one of the subjects covered as the latest Big Idea Podcast covers wide and varied terrain.

Foundational myths are examined, false memories are explained, and public health paradoxes are confronted.

Russia looks west

In light of the continuing unrest in Ukraine Dr Luke March, deputy director of the University’s Princess Dashkova Russia Centre, looks at one of the situation’s catalysts, an increasingly assertive Russia.

Dr March will ask if Russian national pride, softly expressed at the Winter Olympics, is revealing a harder edge in the Crimea.

He’ll draw comparisons between the contemporary Russian brand of nationalism with that of other Western countries, most notably the United States.

Your cheatin' brain

The new exhibition at the University’s Talbot Rice Gallery opens deals with an almost imperceptible yet psychologically vital phenomena - false memories.

Apparently we all have them. We all believe in personal events that have never happened. These lies form the basis of artist Alasdair Hopwood’s False Memory Archive.

Sergio Della Sala, professor of neuroscience, worked with Hopwood on the exhibition. He explains why false memories save our lives and how easy they are to implant in others.

Health and wealth

It one of the developed world’s great paradoxes: why are Western countries so rich and yet at the same time so sick? Why does a country’s rate of illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes increase as its citizens prosper?

Michele Belot, professor in economics, draws upon her inaugural lecture to tackle this paradox. She explains how economists can intervene in such a pressing issue of public health.

The Big Idea

The Big Idea Podcast is a monthly show featuring academics discussing contemporary issues and sharing their research and expertise.

Previous shows have looked at our relationship with technology, explored human migration, and debated the plans for Scottish independence.

As well as being an accessible way for the public to hear about the University’s work, the Big Idea is also a forum for academics to meet colleagues from different parts of the institution, share ideas, and gain media training in a studio setting.

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