Podcast looks at Olympics and EU migration

As 2014 limbers up for 12 months of activity, this month’s Big Idea Podcast looks at several issues that are inspiring people to get on the move at the start of the year.

EU migration

New Year’s Day saw the relaxation of restrictions for Romanians and Bulgarians to live and work in the United Kingdom.

Professor Jo Shaw, Salvesen Chair of European Institutions, explains what the law actually says on a subject that has excited the media and politicians.

Russia and the Winter Olympics

On 7 February the Winter Olympics opens in Sochi, Russia. At $51 billion they are the most expensive games ever.

With gay-rights protests planned and a looming threat of terrorism, Professor Grant Jarvie, Chair of Sport, examines the political and cultural background to the games.

Chinese New Year

Finally, the world’s biggest annual human migration is about to begin. Chinese New Year inspires 1.3 billion people to return to their family home for the festivities.

Professor Natascha Gentz, Director of the Confucius Institute for Scotland, looks at the celebration’s traditions and how they have changed through history.

The Big Idea

The Big Idea Podcast is a monthly show featuring academics discussing contemporary issues and sharing their research and expertise.

Previous shows have looked at our relationship with technology, explored the dark side of Halloween, and debated the plans for Scottish independence.

As well as being an accessible way for the public to hear about the University’s work, the Big Idea is also a forum for academics to meet colleagues from different parts of the institution, share ideas, and gain media training in a studio setting.

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