Alumni share success stories

Alumni from across the decades have been reflecting on their experiences as students and on how their time at Edinburgh went on to shape their future lives.

Former students from a variety of backgrounds, dating back to people who studied at the University in the 1960s and going right up until the present day, have taken part in the making of the documentary “Edinburgh Up”.

The film tells their stories and allows them to share the unique experience of being a student at Edinburgh.

One important theme is the financial assistance the students received to support their studies. They explain the impact this had on their time at Edinburgh - and their future careers - and some reflect on how this has prompted them to support future generations of Edinburgh students.


Watch the full 30 minute documentary featuring all 10 alumni:


Find out more about and view clips from the documentary on the Edinburgh Up website.

Edinburgh Up

Reverend John Hardy

Making a difference

Reverend John Hardy the earliest graduate in the film, who studied Geography between 1965 and 1969, says that without the help of the grant scheme he could not have attended university.

Current student Megan McGregor is in her fourth year of Medicine at the University and in the documentary she explains how receiving an Access Bursary allowed her to move into her own flat in the city during her later years of study.

Thank you

The Development and Alumni team at the University are extremely grateful to all the alumni who took part in the Edinburgh Up documentary and to Sheena McDonald for her time and contribution.

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