Scots’ Yes-No vote is focus of free course

The constitutional future of Scotland and the UK forms the basis of a new online course.

The six-week long course, which begins on 25 August, involves a mix of teaching styles, including video presentations, online debates and role-play exercises.

The Referendum course is free and open to anyone with access to the internet. No prior knowledge of the subject is needed.

Each week there will be a live-streamed Question Hour with a panel of experts. Regular opinion polls will be held, to see how the course is affecting the views of those taking part.

The course is the latest in a series of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) being offered by the University, in conjunction with FutureLearn, the social learning platform. More than 900,000 people have signed up for Edinburgh's MOOCs since their launch in July 2012.

Towards Scottish Independence? Understanding the Referendum is led by three of Scotland’s foremost political academics - Professors Charlie Jeffery, Dr Alan Convery and Professor Nicola McEwen.

It provides learners with background information on why the vote is taking place, along with discussions of the Yes and No cases. Learners can analyse the final few weeks of the debate, follow events at the polls on 18 September and examine the implications of the result.

We will place learners at the heart of the Referendum question by examining arguments for and against independence, with lively debate guided by University academics. We will also ensure a distinct international dimension, by examining implications for other nations and regions whose populations have expressed desire for greater autonomy, including Catalonia, Flanders and Quebec.

Professor Charlie JefferySchool of Social and Political Science

Free courses open to all

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Learners can sign up for the new course by clicking on the link below.