Podcast explores women's fight for equality

The latest Big Idea Podcast looks at how women are still fighting for empowerment and equality in education, sport, and human rights.

Following the visit of Malala Yousafzai to the University of Edinburgh in October the podcast explores how some women are still denied basic rights based on their gender; learn about a sport invented by women, for women; and discover tales of women in war zones throughout history.

Women on the front line

The show is the seventh in the Big Idea series, which brings together academics from across the University to discuss, debate and share research and expertise.

The role of women in society is never far from the headlines. Many of today’s most pressing issues - such as trafficking and human collateral in war zones - disproportionately affects women. Women athletes still earn less than their male counterparts. They are less likely to be on the boards of major companies.

This month’s guests discuss the areas where women are on the front line, from sport to war to human rights.


The academics on this month’s show are:

  • Dr Katja Kahlina, a research fellow in the School of Law and part of the newly formed Global Justice Academy. Her research looks at how gender and sexuality interacts with politics and human rights.
  • Yvonne McEwen from the Centre for the Study of Modern Conflict, who recently staged the conference 'Women in Warfare:From Troy to the Trenches'.
  • Maddie Breeze, from the School of Social and Political Science, who is an expert on the high-octane, all-female sport of roller derby.

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