Forum strengthens Latin links

The University is hosting its second annual Latin American Forum to discuss this rapidly developing business market.

Speakers will include Sergio Gullo, from Latin America's largest public securities trading market; and Michael Reid, Chief Americas Editor of The Economist magazine.

The Forum, at the Business School, follows the recent opening of the University’s Office of the Americas, in São Paulo, Brazil. The Office will aid collaboration between the University and partners in education, business and government across the whole of Latin America.


This video, shot during the recent trip to launch the Office of The Americas, explains why Latin America is such an important region for the University.

Forum builds on success

Following last year’s launch of the Latin American Forum, this student-led conference has attracted an impressive array of delegates for its second year.

Government officials from Mexico, El Salvador and Ecuador will join representatives from companies including Diageo, Ernst & Young and Chilean venture capital firm Tres Mares, S.A.

Students, staff and other interested parties are encouraged to attend the Latin American Forum, to exchange ideas and examine a region of the world experiencing rapid social change and economic development.

Edinburgh and Latin America

The University’s connections with Latin America are extensive and long-standing. Partnerships have been established with a range of institutions including UNAM (Mexico), Universidade de São Paulo (Brazil) and Universidad de Chile.

Edinburgh recently established the Centre for Contemporary Latin American Studies, which will encourage partnerships and academic exchange between staff and students in Edinburgh and Latin America.

Business links are important and include collaboration with Brazil’s national energy company, Petrobras, and BG Group to improve methods of extracting oil from carbonate reservoirs in offshore fields.

Other partnerships include work to address deforestation in the Andes and Amazonian basin and efforts to tackle health problems in Venezuela using remote telehealth networks.