Global Justice Academy launched

A new Global Justice Academy has been established to help tackle major challenges faced by people around the world.

The GJA brings together specialised knowledge from University staff and students across many disciplines, including law, science, medicine and the humanities, to explore new ideas about global justice, what it is and how it can be implemented.

The Global Justice Academy joins the three existing Global Academies at Edinburgh; the Global Health Academy, Global Development Academy and Global Environment and Society Academy (GESA) in allowing Edinburgh to reach out and help address some of the world’s biggest challenges.


The development of the GJA allows academics working in a diverse range of subject areas to better share ideas and will increase dialogue both within the University and with key external stakeholders.

The academy will encourage and support new opportunities for cooperation between staff and students and will promote research across a wide range of topics linked to the theme of global justice, as well as fostering postgraduate study and the development of new courses.

The Academy will support grant applications and provide a platform for the dissemination of subsequent research findings.

The Global Justice Academy is a hugely exciting development and reflects a genuine energy both within and outwith the University on global justice issues. It will bring together, for the first time, the wide range of teaching, research, activities and programmes relating to global justice across the University and beyond.

Professor Christine BellCo-ordinator, Global Justice Academy

How will the Global Justice Academy operate?

The aim of the GJA is to bring together people who work on global justice issues. This will be done in a number of ways, including:

  • Providing a platform for and building connections between existing researchers across the University.
  • Creating a space for exploring new ideas related to global justice, aimed at making practical differences to people around the world.
  • Writing a regularly-updated blog, ensuring fresh ideas are to the fore on our website.
  • Establishing a ‘Student Participate’ section, in which student activities and organisations related to global justice can be posted.
  • Promoting relevant activities via a ‘News and Events’ page, which centres and institutions across the University can utilise.

The Global Justice Academy holds a regular series of presentations and discussions. More details on these and on how to get involved with the GJA can be found by clicking on the links below.