Innovative Learning Week 2013

Innovative Learning Week (ILW) offers students and staff the chance to be inspired by new ideas and develop their skills.

Students on Calton Hill

From 18 - 22 February our regular timetables will be replaced with a lively mix of more than 200 creative and experiential learning events taking place across the University.

This change in schedule offers students extra opportunities to branch out, develop new skills, meet new people and help prepare for employment.

The week also gives students a chance to gain new perspectives on their degree subject, exchange ideas, stimulate debate and find new opportunities for research or revision.

What's on?

Full details of all activities are available on the Innovative Learning Week website.

Innovative Learning Week

Packed programme

Education students discuss a project

Following last year’s inaugural Innovative Learning Week, this year’s programme promises an even wider range of activities to choose from.

These include fun student-led projects, debates, interdisciplinary courses and technical workshops.

The spectrum of events on offer ensures for a full and engaging week.

A snapshot of 2013 events

  • A chance to discover the maths behind magic tricks
  • An analysis of classic Hollywood films
  • A philosophical walking tour of Edinburgh
  • A topical debate on blasphemy laws between Divinity and Politics students (to be streamed live online)
  • Halal Haggis? – an introduction to Scotland’s relationship with Islam
  • A chance to build and race cars made from soap boxes
  • The opportunity to participate in a mask-making workshop with a world-renowned artist

Ongoing engagement

A group of enthusiastic students will also be capturing the week’s activities online.

Our ILW reporters will be blogging, tweeting and filming events to keep the students and staff updated on all that is going on.

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Video competition

We have also invited staff and students to submit video clips of their ILW experiences. The winning clip will be awarded free cinema membership for a year.

We are delighted with the quality and breadth of events on offer at Innovative Learning Week this year. This is a great opportunity for students to enhance their skill-set, while teachers can explore new ways of teaching.

Dr Sue RigbyAssistant Principal, Taught Postgraduate Programmes


A snapshot of events from 2012’s inaugural Innovative Learning Week.

Quality teaching

Innovative Learning Week is part of the University’s ongoing commitment to delivering quality teaching.

This is following an investment of over £3 million pounds over the next three years to enhance the student experience.

Initiatives generated by this investment include a new personal tutor system and an informal peer-support scheme.

Event details

Innovative Learning Week 2013

Monday 18 February 2013, 1.00am

Friday 22 February 2013, 1.00am

Innovative Learning Week 2013

Photography: Paul Dodds

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