Major website on independence goes live

A major new website providing analysis and debate on the upcoming referendum on Scottish independence has been launched.

The Future of the UK and Scotland website ( aims to connect the best academic expertise to the debate about the future of the UK and Scotland, and to provide a neutral and authoritative resource that can help voters come next September.

The new website is part of the wider Future of the UK and Scotland Programme, which is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and based at the Academy of Government at the University of Edinburgh.

Informed debate and analysis

The website will provide academic analysis on the referendum, event guides, and debate forums.

It aims to become the destination online for informed debate that can help voters make informed judgements in the referendum on 18 September 2014.

The Programme has commissioned a series of projects, including individual research fellowships, a number of research grants, and a major research centre. The new website will be a major publically accessible repository for this work.

Expert blogs

The featured blogs on the website will reveal the Programme’s research findings, provide a regular review of key developments in the debate and be a platform for others’ findings.

The launch blogs features Dr Nicola McEwen on how an independent Scotland would be dependent on the UK; Dr Fabian Zuleeg, Chief Executive Designate of the European Policy Centre, on how Scotland’s relationship with the European Union should be central to the debate; and Professor John Curtis on current public attitudes to independence.

It is rare for voters to be presented with a question of such a fundamental character as whether or not to create a new state. One of the central aims of the Future of the UK and Scotland programme is to focus evidence and analysis from leading social scientists onto that question. We will work with the two governments, Scottish and UK, putting their views under a critical spotlight so that whatever the outcome next year the policies that follow will have been challenged and tested.

Professor Charlie JeffreyDirector of the Academy of Government and Future of UK and Scotland Research Co-ordinator