Examining nationalism

Themes of nationalism and globalism will be under scrutiny at a major University event.

The University’s Edinburgh Centre for Constitutional Law is hosting an International Symposium on May 23-24, entitled 'Nationalism and Globalisation: new settings, new challenges'.

Experts from across the world will present on developments in countries with diverse cultures, societies and constitutions.

The keynote lecture - on the topic of ‘The Crisis of Democratic Sovereignty’ - will be delivered by Michael Ignatieff, an academic of the Harvard Kennedy School and the University of Toronto, who was leader of Canada’s Liberal party between 2008-2011.

Edinburgh staff and students are invited to attend the keynote lecture, which takes place at Surgeon’s Hall at 5.30pm on May 23.

Nationalism is a subject of growing importance in the world, particularly as we reflect upon constitutional changes at the global level within the European Union and beyond.

Prof Stephen TierneySchool of Law

Global Justice Academy

Mr Ignatieff’s lecture is sponsored by the Global Justice Academy, which has recently been launched at the University.

The Global Justice Academy has been established to help tackle major challenges faced by people around the world.

It brings together specialised knowledge from University staff and students across many disciplines, including law, science, medicine and the humanities, to explore new ideas about global justice, what it is and how it can be implemented.

The Global Justice Academy joins the three existing Global Academies at Edinburgh; the Global Health Academy, Global Development Academy and Global Environment and Society Academy.