More free online courses

The University is increasing its commitment to free, high-quality online courses by joining FutureLearn.

FutureLearn is a partnership of 26 leading universities, along with the British Museum, British Council and British Library.

Edinburgh will offer a number of its Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) via FutureLearn, beginning in autumn 2013. These courses are free and open to everyone.

The University is a pioneer in providing MOOCs. It was the first UK university to join Coursera, which, like FutureLearn, provides a platform to offer such courses. Edinburgh will continue to offer MOOCs through Coursera, alongside FutureLearn.

The University of Edinburgh is delighted to be joining FutureLearn, and we look forward to extending our range of open courses on its innovative platform. The new online features that FutureLearn offers to support learners and teachers will provide us with an opportunity to explore new ways to widen access to high quality university education.

Professor Sir Timothy O'SheaPrincipal, The University of Edinburgh

Education for all

All of Edinburgh’s Massive Open Online Courses, which typically last five weeks, are led by world-class academics. There are no entry requirements for students - all courses can be taken online by anyone from anywhere and they are free.

These features ensure that access to world-class higher education is available to anyone, regardless of their location or financial capacity.

New courses

Edinburgh will offer around 20 MOOCs over the next 18 months. Details on the new courses will be made available in the late summer.

By offering short, undergraduate-level courses to all, MOOCs help the University to extend access to higher education. We shall ensure the quality of our courses by means of the internal quality assurance processes that we apply to on-campus and taught online courses.

Although the University of Edinburgh MOOCs do not have formal university credits assigned to them, Statements of Accomplishment will be available to any student who completes a course with us.