Funding boost for top research

World-leading research at the University is to benefit from a share of a £13.8 million funding boost.

Education Secretary Michael Russell announced the cash injection, from the Scottish Funding Council, during a visit to the University’s Informatics Forum.

The minister met researchers from the School and saw a demonstration of research into robotic limbs.

Matched value

I commend the Scottish Government and the Scottish Funding Council for their foresight and commitment in supporting world leading research.

Professor Sir Timothy O’SheaPrincipal of the University of Edinburgh

Research at Edinburgh will qualify for £5 million, which will be matched by the University itself.

The overall funding is to be shared between universities based on their existing research ratings, to help further boost Scottish output of world leading research.

The investment is hoped to help institutions across Scotland further strengthen their research base, boost their international reputation and increase their contribution to the economy.

It may also help attract new talent and enable continued achievement for universities.

We are very excited about this additional investment and, when combined with our own funds, we feel sure that it will make a real difference to our ability to recruit and retain the best young researchers and to positively influence our position as a world-leading institution.

Professor Sir Timothy O’SheaPrincipal of the University of Edinburgh