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Centre for Sport and Exercise

Our state-of-the-art Centre for Sports and Exercise (CSE) is one of the best-equipped facilities of its kind in the UK.

Athletes from all walks of sporting life have endorsed the facilities, but the centre is not just for the elite, and it’s not just for staff and students: it’s for everyone, regardless of age and ability.

The oldest person who comes to exercise classes has recently turned 90. Dr Anne Bentinck studied for her first degree at Edinburgh in the 1940s and later went on to complete a PhD at the University.


Dr Anne Bentinck talks about how the time she spends at the Centre for Sport and Exercise benefits her.

Exercise for body and brain health

With recent University research revealing how people who exercise in later life show fewer signs of brain shrinkage, the CSE offers a variety of "Gold" classes, which are aimed at those who are:

  • new or returning to exercise
  • recovering from illness or injury
  • an active older adult

Gold classes

Fitness Gold
An exercise to music class that improves all-round stamina, mobility, strength, balance and flexibility.
Dance Gold
An easy to follow class with moderately paced Latin dance moves.
Hatha Yoga Gold
A general, gentle yoga class that is ideal for improving posture, stretching muscles and relaxing the mind and body
Circuit Gold
Specially designed for a wide range of participants, this class combines an aerobic workout and strength endurance to tone the body.

Class timetable

How to book

These classes are open to everyone, including members and non-members. They are not included in the membership package and a minimal member top-up fee of £2.25 is required.

Non-members may also join this class on a drop-in basis at a cost of £3 per session.

Bookings can be made either in person or by telephone.

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The CSE offers a range of membership so that everyone can enjoy easy and affordable access to its facilities. Memberships include:

  • a retired persons category for older adult, which costs £22 per month or £72 per year
  • a general public category for all other members of the local community, which costs £44 per month or £360 per year


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