Our Changing World lecture series

Join us for a series of public lectures examining the global challenges facing society, and the role of academia in meeting these challenges.

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There is a growing recognition across the world of the urgency of tackling a range of difficult, complex and inter-related issues that impact human wellbeing.

These issues include food, energy and water security, the spread of infectious diseases, developments in technology and medicine, and climate change.

The series, delivered by distinguished speakers, focuses on the contribution academia can make to understanding and addressing these global challenges.


Visit the Our Changing World website to find out more about the series and to book online for current events.

Our Changing World

Enlightenment lecture

This year's Enlightenment Lecture will be delivered by Professor Lord Robert Winston, entitled Medicine, Ethics and Society.

Lord Winston has an international reputation for his research into human reproduction and has pioneered advances widely used in fertility and IVF treatment.

He is also known for his work in popularising science and medicine on television and for writing a number of popular science books for both adults and children.

The University’s Enlightenment Lectures - part of the Our Changing World lecture series - examine aspects of the Enlightenment's legacy in the context of today's society, encompassing talks from global leaders in politics, philosophy, science and economics.

Previous speakers include Joseph Stiglitz, Irene Khan, Mary Robinson, Aubrey Manning, Amartya Sen and Jon Snow.

Event details: Enlightenment lecture

Professor Lord Robert Winston: Medicine, Ethics and Society

Monday 21 October 2013, 5.30pm

Monday 21 October 2013, 6.30pm

McEwan Hall, Teviot Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9AG

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Interdisciplinary course

These lectures also form the basis of an interdisciplinary course for undergraduate students at Edinburgh.

This optional course aims to engage our students to:

  • think critically about these global challenges across traditional subject boundaries;
  • understand the relevance and impact of their own subject discipline in the broader context.

Social responsibility and sustainability

The University ensures that social, ethical and environmental concerns influence its decision making and the way it operates day to day.

We were recently ranked as third best in the UK's higher education sector for environmental and social responsibility.

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For more information on these events, please contact Lauren Sandford.

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These events will be photographed and recorded for promotional and recruitment materials for the University and University approved third parties.