Accommodation bursaries provide generous support

A University bursary scheme aims to help students from across Scotland with the costs of living away from home.


Undergraduates who are eligible for Scottish Government bursaries and who relocate to Edinburgh to study will automatically qualify for accommodation support from the University.

There is no limit to the number of students who may qualify for the University of Edinburgh Scotland Accommodation Bursary scheme.


To qualify for accommodation support, students must be in receipt of either a Young Students’ Bursary or an Independent Students’ Bursary, both of which are administered by the Student Awards Agency for Scotland.

Accommodation bursary awards will be linked to the level of Government bursary given to students, and range from £500 to £2,000 each year.

Scotland Accommodation Bursaries

Find out more about Scotland Accommodation Bursaries.

Scotland Accommodation Bursaries

Generous support

The University of Edinburgh is committed to supporting talented students from all backgrounds and our widening access programmes have helped hundreds of students to take up a place here.

Professor Mary BownesVice-Principal for External Engagement

The new bursaries add to the University of Edinburgh’s programme of student support, which is the most generous in the UK.

In the current academic year, more than 1,500 undergraduates from low income families will receive a share of £4.1 million in bursary payments.

This represents an increase of £1.7 million on the previous year.

Awards, which are based on income, background and personal circumstances, help to make study an affordable reality for many.

Best in UK

Bursary recipients include new students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland who are liable for annual tuition fees of £9,000.

About 650 students will receive an Edinburgh RUK (Rest of UK) award, which provides the most generous bursary support of any UK university.

Low income

Awards ranging from £500 to £7,000 per year have been made to RUK students with household incomes of up to £42,600.

A further 750 students are benefiting from the University’s access bursaries, which help new students from across the UK take up a place at Edinburgh in spite of financial difficulties.

Access bursaries are made possible through generous donations from supporters of the University.

Students living nearby can also benefit from schemes such as Lothian’s Equal Access Programme for Schools and Pathways to the Professions.

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