Podcast explores technology's impact

Our relationship with technology and how that shapes our lives is the subject of the latest Big Idea Podcast.

The fifth in the series of University of Edinburgh podcasts is called Loving The Machine and is now available to download for free from iTunesU.

Loving The Machine

On this month’s show, experts will discuss how technology affects us in countless different ways - in how we communicate, in the art that we produce, even in how we think about ourselves and others.

The podcast will look at a landmark art exhibition at the University’s Talbot Rice Gallery by Nam June Paik, a prophet of the TV age; examine how new and ancient media can be rather fruitful bedfellows; and look back to a revolution of expression and art inspired by the humble C90 cassette tape.

Mixtapes, video art and folk goes electric

The experts on this month’s show include Pat Fisher, principal curator of the Talbot Rice Gallery, who discusses the work of South Korean video artist Nam June Paik.

She is joined by broadcaster, singer and artist in residence at the School of Scottish Studies, Frieda Morrison, who talks about putting the century-old collection of Scots folk songs, the Greig-Duncan collection, online via YouTube.

Finally Raymond Macdonald, professor of music psychology and improvisation, examines the musical and psychological revolution ushered in by the cassette, plus reveals his secret formula for the perfect compilation tape.

The Big Idea Podcast

Every month this podcast assembles the University’s best and brightest academics to discuss their research, debate contemporary events, and bring their expertise to bear on topical issues.

You can listen to the previous four podcasts - which looked at Scottish independence, different ways we tell stories, perception, and icons - online now.

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