Finance leaders debate Banking Union

A major international conference at the University of Edinburgh will gather leading figures in finance to discuss what lies ahead for banking in Europe.

The event, The Future of the Financial Services Industry in the European Banking Union, is being organised by the Law School's Banking Law Chair, Professor Emilios Avgouleas, and the Scottish Government’s Chief Economist, Dr Gary Gillespie, on 27 September.

What next for banking in Europe?

The conference will focus on the proposed European Banking Union. Experts suggest it could prove to be either the watershed moment in the resolution of the Eurozone banking crisis or the catalyst that will drive apart the different parts of Europe.

Among the speakers will be Georges Zavvos, an ex MEP and a senior legal advisor with the European Commission, Professor Takis Tridimas, Chair of European Law at King's College London and former referendaire of the European Court, and Danny Gabay, the director of Fathom Consulting and former UK and European economist for JP Morgan.

The euro recession may have ended, but the durability of the recovery is in doubt. In part, that is because severe imbalances are still part of the Euro Area landscape. But more importantly, unless and until the long-promised full banking union is implemented, the toxic link between under-capitalised banks and over-indebted sovereigns continues to threaten a relapse.

Danny GabayDirector of Fathom Consulting

A privilege for the University

The event will be attended by Lady Susan Rice, managing director of Lloyds Banking Group Scotland, leading fund managers such as Anne Richards, and world class economists like Charles Goodhart and Andrew Hughes-Hallett.

It is a rare privilege to organise such a unique event on the future of the European and Scottish financial service industries. We are delighted to bring to Edinburgh such an array of leading industry representatives, lawyers and economists, as well as European policy-makers of the highest calibre to discuss the challenges that the industry faces in light of tremendous change in Europe.

Professor Emilios AvgouleasChair in International Banking Law and Finance

New scholarships

The conference is the beginning of a deeper relationship between the Office of the Chief Economist and the Edinburgh Law School. It will be followed by a series of fully funded PhD scholarships on bank regulation and supervision and monetary policy governance and accountability.

The event will take place at the University’s Pollock Halls complex. It is not open to the public.