TV star offers career tips

One of Lord Sugar’s advisers in the BBC’s The Apprentice is to offer students top tips on how to land their dream job.

Margaret Mountford, the former corporate lawyer, who last year completed her doctoral studies in Classics with a thesis on documents from the Greco-Roman world dealing with social and economic history, is to taking part in a careers event at the University.

Dr Mountford, who left the hit series in 2009, will share her insights into the world of work when she meets students at a Q&A event.

Career insights

I’m interested to hear what sort of questions the students are going to ask and hopefully will be able to give them some useful answers.

Dr Margaret Mountford

She is visiting Edinburgh as part of the University’s Innovative Learning Week, in which students and staff can experience imaginative new ways of teaching and develop new skills.

Innovative Learning Week is part of the University’s ongoing commitment to delivering quality teaching. From today until Friday, regular timetables will be replaced with a lively mix of more than 200 creative learning events across the University.

Dr Mountford worked with the law firm Herbert Smith before becoming a non-executive director at electronics company Amstrad.

Since leaving The Apprentice, Dr Mountford has been working with budding entrepreneurs as a Trustee of The Bright Ideas Trust, which helps young people start their own companies and learn business skills.