Experts work towards safer cyberspace

Edinburgh scientists are working on safer software for mobile phones and tablets, as part of a cyber security initiative.

Their work will be carried out under a new Government-led research institute.

Researchers involved in the scheme will investigate new ways of automatically analysing computer software to reduce its vulnerability to cyber threats.

The three-year, £4.5 million initiative, carried out in collaboration with five other UK universities, is supported by the Government Communications Headquarters and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Cyber crime

The initiative will seek to tackle cyber crime and make the UK one of the most secure places in the world to do business in cyberspace.

Researchers will also help to shape an open, vibrant and stable cyberspace that the public can use safely.

Their work will aim to provide businesses, individuals and government with additional confidence that software is secure when installed on operational networks.

Collaborative study

Imperial College London will lead the collaboration, which also involves Queen Mary, University of London, University College London, and the Universities of Kent and Manchester.

A joint approach between academia, industry and government will ensure that research is relevant and inspired by real world security issues.

Under the arrangement, researchers in the field will be able to connect with industry security experts and international experts to tackle some of the UK’s toughest challenges in the area.

We hope this initiative will enable business, industry and members of the public to make full use of mobile applications, without fear of their security being compromised.

Dr David AspinallSchool of Informatics