Principal addresses technology festival

The University Principal is to speak at Edinburgh’s international technology festival.

Professor Sir Timothy O’Shea will give a talk on the theme of Digital Distribution at the Turing Festival.

The Principal’s talk, on Friday 23 August at the Signet Library, will form part of an examination of how technologies are changing the relationship between consumers and creators in sectors such as music, film, television, and games.

The theme is one of four contributing to the festival’s focus on the impact that technology is having on industry, culture and society.

Hosting events

The University’s Old College is playing host to some events at this year’s Turing Festival, which takes place in partnership with the Edinburgh International Festival, the University and startup incubator TechCube.

Also participating are speakers from Valve, creators of the Half-Life videogame franchise; Square, the mobile payment pioneers; and collaborative development service GitHub.

Other topics are the future of money, user interface and user experience, and the future of music.

Top speakers

This year’s speakers include Michelle You, co-founder and chief product officer at live music tracker Songkick.

Also participating are acclaimed iOS developer Matt Gemmell, and Matt Mason, VP of marketing at BitTorrent and bestselling author of The Pirate’s Dilemma.

Last year’s keynote address was given by Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder and technology evangelist.

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