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How to submit activities, events or resources to MyDevelopmentHub

Content types

MyDevelopmentHub can include activities, events and resources.

Content type Description
Activities Activities are something students do, for example student representation, peer support, an online skills course, an international experience.  Most development opportunities will be an activity, unless they are an ‘Event’ or a ‘Resource’…
Events Events always have start and end dates and times and specified locations, including online.
Resources Resources are materials that students can read, watch or listen to in order to develop themselves.  These can include: a study skills PDF on essay writing, a video on commercial awareness, articles on leadership etc.


Every entry on MyDevelopmentHub must have at least one skill attached to it.  When submitting content you will be shown a list of skills to choose from - if there is a skill that is not on the list and is central to the activity, event or resource, please include it in the 'Other' box.  Wherever possible we avoid having too long a list of skills attached to an entry - it is better to focus on the most important skills.


Using filters to create restricted content

Activities and Events on MyDevelopmentHub can be restricted so it is only visible to particular students, for example undergraduate or postgraduate students only.  You will be able to enter this information when submitting content - these restrictions are referred to as 'filters'.


Submitting content

Activities, Events and Resources can be submitted via the online forms below which capture all the information in a single page:

Submit an activity or an event (opens form in external site)

Submit a resource (opens form in external site)


Questions or problems

If you have any questions or encounter any problems, please get in touch.

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