Information about accessing MyDevelopmentHub, using it with your students, and adding content for specific student groups

MyDevelopmentHub's purpose

MyDevelopmentHub is an online resource for students interested in any aspect of their development - personal, professional or academic.  It acts as a signposting tool, making it simpler and easier for students to identify, engage with and benefit from the range of development opportunities and learning resources open to them while at the University. 

MyDevelopmentHub’s scope reflects the diversity of student life – learning and development comes through the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular.


As a University, MyDevelopmentHub allows us to:  

  • expand the range of opportunities which can be accessed by our students
  • enhance the supporting tools and resources, making them more accessible and interactive and better supporting our students’ development throughout their time at the University
  • increase student awareness of the resource and, through it, range of opportunities available to them
  • introduce an enhanced online platform to deliver a more user friendly and coherent student experience
  • provide an effective resource that staff, including Personal Tutors, can signpost students to.


Accessing MyDevelopmentHub

Staff can access MyDevelopmentHub in the same way as students using the link below.  The first time you visit MyDevelopmentHub, you will need to create a username and password for CareerHub (the platform used to deliver MyDevelopmentHub).  If you are already a MyCareerHub user then your login details for that are the same for MyDevelopmentHub.


Searching for relevant content

MyDevelopmentHub content can be searched by the:

  • Skill to be developed, strengthened or used
  • Type of development opportunity
    • an activity - learning by doing
    • an event - learning through attending
    • a resource - learning through reading, listening, watching
  • Type of activity, for example clubs, societies or student groups; community outreach and engagement; international experiences; sports; volunteering; work experience
  • Type of event, for example development workshops; information sessions; festivals or conferences
  • Level of commitment required (one-off, short-term, ongoing)
  • Location of the activity or event

Restricted content

MyDevelopmentHub has been designed to ensure students only see content that is relevant to them.  For example, we do not want postgraduate students to have to scroll through lots of opportunities only available to undergraduates - we want them to immediately be able to access activities, events and resources directly relevant to them.

As a staff member, you will be able to view any content that has been marked as eligible to all students.  Content that has been restricted to a certain level or discipline can only be seen by students matching those criteria.  For example, any content marked as being restricted to second year undergraduates from the School of GeoSciences can only be seen by those students; when logged in with your staff account you will not be able to view it.


Using MyDevelopmentHub with your students

MyDevelopmentHub can be used in multiple ways with students to support their development - some are listed below but you are certain to find more.  Do let us know!  

Contact us

If you are signposting students to MyDevelopmentHub in any promotional material, the following shortened URL should be used:

You might use MyDevelopmentHub to support your students to:

Develop of particular skills and attributes All content on MyDevelopmentHub is linked to at least one skill or attribute.  Searching for that skill will pull together any relevant activities, events or resources.  Sometimes the link to the skill is obvious, for example a workshop on verbal communication, but sometimes it might be more unexpected, for example an activity like peer support that develops a range of skills including verbal communication.

Think about development more holistically

It is important for students to recognise that they will develop through all parts of their life while at University, through their studies, their part-time work, their volunteering etc.  When students see this, they are better able to grow, develop and succeed.
Get more involved in University life Higher education can be an amazing experience, both curricular and co-curricular.  Sadly, students often realise the extent of what is available too late.  MyDevelopmentHub aims to bring together as many opportunities and experiences as possible - once students start exploring they will uncover lots that they did not expect!
Make the most of the University experience

MyDevelopmentHub can help students see that the opportunities available can support their development, often in many ways they did not expect. 

For example, students may want to develop particular skills - searching for these on MyDevelopmentHub will identify opportunities directly tied to that skill, and other opportunities where the skill is one of many developed.  Equally, students may want to be involved in an activity because of their interest in the role but not realise the range of skills they are developing through it.  

MyDevelopmentHub can help broaden students' horizons and recognise the things they are involved in during University all support a wide range of skills and abilities.

Adding school-specific or restricted-access content

Because MyDevelopmentHub has been designed to ensure students only see content that is relevant to them, content can be added that will only be available to students who match the criteria set - for example from a specific school, a specific year group, or a specific level of study (undergraduate, taught postgraduate, research postgraduate).  This means you can submit content and know only the target students will be able to view it.

To add content that is school-specific or has restricted access, follow the guidance in the 'Suggest content' section and include any required restrictions in the 'filters' box.

Suggest content