MyDevelopmentHub - what it is and why you should use it

What is it?

University is an amazing opportunity to develop yourself – personally, professionally and academically. But sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start or where to find the right opportunity for your needs. That’s where MyDevelopmentHub comes in…

MyDevelopmentHub is an online portal to help you find activities, events and resources to suit your needs, to fit your circumstances and to unleash your potential.

MyDevelopmentHub aims to make it simple and easy for you to identify, engage with and benefit from the huge range of opportunities and resources available to you while at University. Its scope reflect the diversity of student life – your learning and development comes through experiences in all parts of your life, not only on your courses.

Why use it?

You might use MyDevelopmentHub for many reasons. You might have a particular skill you want to develop for your future career or for success in your studies or extra-curricular activities right now. You might want to get involved in experiences alongside your studies and are looking for different options.

Whatever reason you’re using it, on MyDevelopmentHub you will find:

  • exciting activities you can get involved in
  • inspiring events you can attend
  • interesting resources through which you can learn and discover something new

The content of MyDevelopmentHub is growing all the time. Lots of the main opportunities are included but there’s always more. So if you know of something missing, get in touch and we’ll have it added!


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