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Andrew Wood Research Group

Genome editing and targeted protein degradation

Andrew Wood
Dr Andrew Wood - Reader and IGC Chancellor's Fellow

Section:  Disease Models

Research in a Nutshell 

We develop technologies to manipulate the function of genes and proteins in physiological models of human disease, focusing on CRISPR and targeted protein degradation. Our laboratory applies these technologies to study the mechanisms through which the genome is propagated through cell division. Through collaboration, we also apply them more broadly to study other biological processes relevant to human disease.

Our research is divided into three main themes:

  1. Degron Tagging
  2. Genome Editing
  3. Mitotic Chromosome Condensation

Research Programme

Andrew Wood research group


Dr Andrew Wood Group Leader
Abram Giller PhD Student
Lewis MacDonald PhD Student
Emma Ramsey  MRes Student
Brianda Hernandez Moran Postdoctoral Scientist
Jennifer Brisbane PhD Student
Dr Gillian Taylor Postdoctoral Scientist



  • Dr Joe Marsh
  • Professor Wendy Bickmore
  • Professor Andrew Jackson
  • Professor Javier Caceres

Partners and Funders

  • The Wellcome Trust
  • The Royal Society
  • Medical Research Council

Scientific Themes

genome stability, mutagenesis, chromosome structure, cell proliferation

Technology Expertise

Genome editing, flow cytometry, in vivo modelling, targeted protein degradation